BTK inhibitors have transformed the treatment of patients with Waldenström macroglobulinemi; with 4 agents under examination in the space, selection will depend on availability, toxicity, convenience, and cost.

In an interview with OncLive, Dr. Steve Treon, the director of Bing Center for Waldenström Macroglobulinemia who is also a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and senior physician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discussed the role of BTK inhibitors in Waldenström macroglobulinemia.

“In the Waldenström macroglobulinemia treatment armamentarium, we have never seen agents as active and safe as BTK inhibitors. We’re very blessed because, if we choose to stop administering 1 BTK inhibitor due to a toxicity concern, patients can be switched to a different BTK inhibitor,” said Treon.

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For a more detailed lecture on BTK inhibitors given by Dr. Treon on August 5, 2020 for the WMFC Toronto Support Group, please go to the following link: