On November3, 2019, Dr. Edward Laane ran the Osaka Yodo River Half Marathon, to raise money for Waldenstrom's research. His pure running time was 2.26.07 with his official time listed at 2.31.0. As Dr. Laane recalls, "The run was difficult. It was sunny, and a little bit hot. The first part, 6.5 miles was a little easier. My time was approximately 1h 10 min, but the second part was very difficult. But I was thinking about the patients who have gone through so much treatment and this gave me more strength to finish.

So far, I have donations totalling 450 USD, mostly donated from my friends in Estonia. I was so happy to run and contribute to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Steven Treon's group."

Map of the race course

Some of the many runners in the race

Drummers cheering the runners on

Dr. Laane at the end of the race

Fully recovered, celebrating the finish!

Donations to Dr. Laane's fundraising efforts may be made by visiting:


For more information about this event, please visit https://samuraisports.org/event/osakayodorivermarathon/