8th International Workshop on WM

The 8th International Workshop for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia and Symposium on Advances in Multiple Myeloma was held from August 13-17, 2014 at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, in beautiful historic London, UK. The workshop was attended by over 200 scientists and research staff, representing 20 countries. IWWM-8 included 12 sessions with 50 technical presentations, 8 "Great Debates" (4-MM, 4-WM), 38 poster presentations, including a 2-hour poster session with short oral presentations of accepted posters, a special Saturday luncheon lecture by Dr. Shirley D'Sa, and 4 "Task Force" discussions on various topics in WM.



Opening & Closing ceremonies included the awarding of the 2014 Robert Kyle award to Dr. Roger Owen, and the 2014 Waldenstrom Award was shared between Drs. Enrica Morra and Morie Gertz.

The Bing Center contributed 9 oral presentations to the conference. They are listed below, along with links to their corresponding abstracts.

Session-1: Zachary Hunter: Genomic Landscape of WM

Session-2: Steven Treon: Clinical implications of MYD88 and CXCR4 mutations

Session-3: Guang Yang: MYD88 Pathway Signaling in WM

Session-3: Yang Cao: CXCR4 Pathway Signaling in WM

Session-5: Lian Xu: PB MYD88 testing for WM diagnosis

Session-7: Xia Liu: Direct Targeting in MYD88

Session-8: Jorge Castillo: Improvements in WM survival by SEER

Session-10: Steven Treon: Signal Inhibitors

Session-11: Sandra Kanan: Rituximab intolerance and alternatives in WM